Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's not much

but it's all I've got. I've been working on these socks off and on for about a month. I'm anxious to finish them, just to have something finished. I took them with me yesterday to work on while I visited with my friend Susan. I ripped most of what I knit since I had introduced an extra yarn over five rows back. I'm on track now and just might get them done today.

I should be working on my shop sample project but I need a break. Maybe later today, if I do finish the socks and don't find something else to distract me.


lexa said...

Those socks are pretty! Very summery looking.

unraveledgal said...

I really like these socks...the yarn and pattern you selected are perfect. Lisa is a lucky girl, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Love these.

Hope you're enjoying the weather on your morning walks... it's a nice change, isn't it?


ColorJoy LynnH said...

I am with you on needing to finish. I have been almost obsessed for several weeks, with finishing as many little projects as possible.

Finished a pair of socks today (Jitterbug, yum). For me. WooHoo!

After last year when I made 6 pairs all year, I've finished 7 pairs already in 2009. Sometimes I'm not in charge of my inspirations, I guess.

My crazy need for finishing knitting projects is taking over my life, even when I need to let it go. I feel like the princess and the pea, I have a little irritation that is taking over my life for a while.

Sometimes I start a million things. I guess I'm happier finishing some.


Monika said...

I know about ripping out what one has knit. I've knit the heel of my current socks 3 times. So much ribbing and it's not even a hard sock to do.

Laikabear said...

Wow, I like that colorway! You're almost done. :)

Bess said...

Happy Easter dear heart. Don't eat too much chocolate.

John said...

Hey, what happened to you?