Friday, December 19, 2008

Einstein had it right, more or less

It's cold here. 36F this morning when I went for my walk. I know that if you're in Chicago, for example, that will not seem cold. Just remember that a couple of weeks ago we were having temperatures in the 90s. It was so cold last night that the lady who usually sleeps in front of the local post office had moved into the lobby. I think I woke her up when I went in to drop off some letters.

I don't have any photos today. Everything I have knit recently is for someone's Christmas gift and I'm not sure which people might be reading this. I should be able to post a couple of things by Monday though.

Are you ready? I am. Relatively speaking, of course. I'm still waiting for one package from Amazon and then I'll get the balance of the gifts wrapped. It's been a little more difficult this year to figure out what folks wanted. I think most of us are a bit leery of spending a whole lot plus no one seems to have much in the way of wish lists. And what lists there are seem to be oriented toward the practical.

It was a strange feeling yesterday when I realized that I had finished everything, including the gift wrapping and the addressing of cards. I suddenly had several hours ahead of me where I didn't have to be doing anything. Made me feel sort of useless. I suppose I could have picked up an old project to work on but I just didn't seem to have any focus left. But it's party time today so I'm feeling relatively better.


lexa said...

I finished shopping for the kids yesterday. Still some things to grab for other people. A bit of wrapping left to do. I finished wrapping all the kids stuff today since it was their last day of school before Christmas break. That way I don't have to stay up til 2am wrapping gifts! (Mine are night owls.)

Charlotte said...

Yep, I'm ready. Cards mailed, gifts wrapped. I only knit two hats for gifts so I don't have any Christmas knitting to finish. The only thing that is sort of undone was I purchased two gifts for my niece's boyfriend in case he comes to Christmas. So far, I haven't heard that he is so I haven't wrapped them. Fortunately, they are things I can use -- either myself or regift them to someone else. But I wouldn't have spent that money if I had known for sure that he isn't coming. I still need to stuff the two Christmas stockings which are my assignment this year. We allot them between three of us so no one gets stuck doing a lot of them. I have all the stuffings purchased and even wrapped (the little gifties) but just haven't put them in the stockings yet.