Thursday, December 18, 2008

The joy and woes of too much stash

I got all the boxes of yarn moved to make room for the construction people. I'm glad it's done but it sure takes a lot of effort to re-stack all those bins. I'm definitely looking forward to our next yarn sale.

One of the things I've discovered about my stash is that it rarely has a yarn that works for what I'm wanting to make. Or if it does, I can't find it. I think yarn has a fashion life just like clothing and cars.

But sometimes I find something that I've forgotten about and it's a real joy. This scarf for example. I don't remember buying this yarn and I only had two skeins. Judging from the label I'd say I got it at Unwind. It's Plymouth Patches, a mixture of three different yarns wrapped around a common core. It's whimsical enough for a quick neck scarf and it worked up really fast.


lexa said...

I find that, too -- I get something in my head that I have to make, but there's nothing appropriate in the stash. Good excuse to buy more, I guess. :)

yarn sale said...

cool picture