Monday, January 05, 2009

So far

There's a hole in my balcony. The cat broke a lamp. How's your New Year going?

I've started two scarves so far but haven't finished anything. I have lots of stuff left over from last year that may get done this month. Or maybe I'll just continue starting new projects.


dragon knitter said...

hope they get it done quickly. my mom's upstairs neighbor needs hers redone (we can see the underneath of it from her balcony), but who knows when that will happen.

what lamp did patrick break? hope it wasn't a really important one

sue said...

Naughty Patrick. I hope your balcony gets fixed soon. How did the hole get there. Is the wood rotting away. I would be a little bit worried about that.

TheBunny said...

Ouch! That is a pretty serious hole. It would make me afraid of the integrity of the rest of the wood.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

What a drag. Maybe that means it can only get better? We can hope.

My year thus far is very good. I'm doing my best to cross off as many things off my to-do list as humanly possible, while having as many lunches with as many friends as possible for the first 3 or so weeks of the year.

So far, just lovely. And I have had a bunch of full classes, to boot. Income really makes life good, you know?

Hugs. This, too, shall pass.


Anonymous said...

Ouch- hope getting that fixed isn't too expensive ...

Busy busy (with a trial coming up)... not much time for anything besides work. Ugh.

Hope to see you soon - I sure miss
Thursday nights!


greta said...

I have to admit (sheepishly) a little giggle escaped my lips before I could stop it.
Bad kitty, icky wood...YAY for new projects...
that is what the New Year is ALL about!

Christine said...

That IS a nasty looking hole in the balcony! Too bad about the lamp. Did Patrick at least look sheepish or contrite? Alpine does when she knows she's done something wrong. My new year started out last Sunday night with a dead battery in the Pavillions parking lot! I'd gone 6 years on the same battery, so I guess I can't complain too much! Hope the balcony and ensuing mess are over soon!!

Bess said...

I am sure it was the lamp's fault.

missing you