Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tuesday is laundry day. Every other Tuesday actually. So I'm all set to get started but the washer is out of order. It usually takes a couple of days for the service company to come and fix things. So, laundry delay and another day's plans are messed up.

The display on my alarm clock is acting strange. Sometimes I get nonsense symbols, sometimes it says 12:00 when it's actually 4:00 and sometimes it works just fine. Looks like a trip to Target is coming up.

The batteries in my Walkman died this morning. Make a note to buy more batteries while I'm at Target.

And now it looks like my knitting group is disintegrating. Some people have drifted away. Some rarely show up. And our hostess has been having lots of scheduling conflicts that have meant we're not meeting on a regular basis. She's already announced that we won't be getting together until sometime after Oct. 15. I've already suggested that we just make it an indefinite hiatus. This is sad because we've been meeting for about five years on a pretty much once a week basis. I've considered having it at my place but that's pretty unrealistic given the small size of my condo and the limited amount of light sources I have. Not to mention how the cat freaks out when there are "strangers" present. And other peoples' allergies. And there's almost no parking available in my neighborhood because of the community college that's near my house. Etc.

I have options at least. I get to knit with a lot of my friends when I'm at work. I get together with one or two friends on occasion. It's just hard to let go of the group though. We'll see what happens in a couple of months.

An hour later.

Now the water has been turned off so one of the condos that is being remodeled can have some work done. I think maybe I'd better just go somewhere else for the day.


sue said...

Oh I would be lost without doing my laundry. I do a load nearly every 2 days so it doesnt pile up too much. I hope yours is fixed soon. Pity about the knitting group, could you have a group knit at the shop with the people that go. I think people's lives change over the years too and they do have to shift some things to make room for others. I find that when I plan for something, then usually something else pops up that needs to be done on the same day that I cant get out of. Patrick sounds a lot like my sister's ginger cat, Lionel, who doesnt really like strangers either. I think he does try and rule the house though.

Bron said...

Bummer about the group but those things tend to be organic; growing and changing all the time. Evidently the time has come for the group to morph. After the hiatus you might return to full strength with more members that you had before. You never know!

Charlotte said...

Could you have a knitting group at a Borders or Starbucks or some place like that in place of your original group?