Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Practically more of the same

Things are pretty quiet around here. I don't have much to report. I'm going to be working at Skein, where I used to teach before I moved to A Stitch in Time. I'll be there today, tomorrow and Saturday (2/16, 2/17 & 2/19) in case anyone wants to stop by for a lesson or a visit.

I'm still knitting hats, among other things. This one is my fourth or fifth Turn A Square by Brooklyn Tweed. I used some scraps from some very old Reynolds Paterna. I guess they don't make it anymore since I couldn't find it anywhere on-line. I used to have a lot of it but some local moths started using it as a drive-thru. This was all I managed to rescue. I really like this pattern. I've yet to make it in anything like the original yarn.

I also knit this ribbed hat using some Colinette Iona that I recycled from a beret I was making. I realized I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish so I frogged it and made the ribbed hat. This is another yarn that no longer exists, according to their website. I didn't read the pattern very carefully so I worked a 2X2 rib instead of 3X3. That meant I had to create the decreasing at the top. It worked out just fine. I didn't get a final picture, one with my daughter wearing it, but it looked really cute on her.

I'm still working on the latest Boneyard shawl as well as the cardigan I started back in November. The rows are long so progress is slow.

Also, I had a birthday last week.


lexa said...

Happy belated birthday!

Monika said...

Yes, happy belated Birthday!!!

Mario said...

You are always very inspiring and do very interesting projects. I enjoy seeing them all.
Wish you would post these on Face Book!

besshaile said...

yes! Happy Birthday. I wish I could come shop at skein this weekend.

Christine said...

I'll chime in too with a belated Happy B-day! I really like the striped hat! Good to hear from you!

crochet terms said...

I really love hats like those... I like the first hat. I like its pattern. Love to have one of that ^^