Monday, January 12, 2009

Done. The back balcony anyway.

Cats, even older cats, can move pretty fast when they've a mind to. My cat never goes outside. He doesn't have any natural defense instincts other than to run. He's a rag doll and the attack instinct has been bred out of that breed.

But what I was meaning to tell you is that Patrick went outside this morning. I opened the slider to the balcony so I could take a picture. The cat came up to see what was going on and before I could grab him he was out on the balcony.

No. I didn't get a picture of him. I was too busy trying to get him back inside before he decided he could maybe jump off the balcony. Fortunately, he's also easily frightened by sudden noises. I think my neighbor must have seen him and rattled her slider. That was enough to cause him to run back inside.

I don't know what he was looking for, if anything. It might have been just the chance to try something new. Or he might have been wondering where the workers were. He hid from them the first couple of days they were here but by the third day he was watching them from the safety of the den. In any event, he's not happy that he can't go outside and has been giving me some very accusatory looks. And he think he might be cursing me as well.

Work on the front balcony starts this week. I don't think it's going to be as traumatic as the first one. And there's no window for Patrick to look out. I guess he'll just be scared of the noise for a couple of days.

Knitting? Haven't been doing much. Still working on the same two scarves. I took yesterday off and read a book.


Monika said...

Good for you! The balcony looks nice all fixed. Poor Patrick! He's got one chance to escape and blew it! ;o)

TheBunny said...

He probably just wanted to see what all the hub bub had been about while this was going on.

Christine said...

The balcony looks great! Glad you got Patrick back inside!!

sue said...

Poor Patrick. I guess next week he will spend hiding in the bedroom again will he. Cats are always curious arent they, I know ours are.

Anonymous said...

Your balcony looks nice - glad Patrick is back inside safe and sound - there are coyotes out there!


mehitabel said...

My two are indoor cats--I live on a busy street, and we have critters. I've even seen coyotes on my street! Simon lived up the street from us, got out one day and I took him in to keep him safe till his family got home. He kept running away and coming over. Finally, they decided to let us have him (youngest boy was developing asthma from cat allergy). Since then he has never once tried to go outside!

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