Friday, July 04, 2008

Spring Forward socks

Happy Fourth of July! I love this holiday. I went out for a very early walk this morning and the flags were flying all along Colorado Blvd. which is near where I live. The streets were still quiet because it wasn't quite six yet. Very little traffic, unlike most Friday mornings.

I have been knitting even though I haven't been posting. Most of what I'm working on is for gifts so they can't be posted yet. But I did finish these Spring Forward socks.

The pattern is pretty easy and moves along quite rapidly, if you stick to it anyway. I could probably have done these in a few days if I hadn't spent so much time knitting with my friends. I don't really get much done when I'm at knit group. Partly because there's so much conversation that I want to hear and partly because I'm often helping someone. Anyway, there has been other knitting. I just can't talk about it right now.

Here's a detail of the stitch pattern. I can't find my sock blockers so I've stretched one of the socks over my hand. I'm not sure if blocking will help these socks to relax but they do flatten out and show the pattern when they're worn. Thanks, Mendy, for trying them on. I should have taken a picture then.


pcso lotto results said...
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lexa said...

I hope you are enjoying your holiday! This weekend our town has Privateer Days. The town itself does nothing for Canada Day on July 1. But tomorrow is Parade Day, and Sunday night is the last day, so there are fireworks. There's lots of other stuff going on, too, but those two things are the highlights for most people.

sue said...

Those socks look quite nice. It is so lovely to see that your posting again too. At least when your not posting you get a bit more time for knitting.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fabulous Fourth of July, Larry!

We love the socks, all of them!

Rena, Travis & Darcy

Bess said...

Oh my. that's just about one of the prettiest marriges of sock pattern and yarn I've ever seen. Beautiful.

SNOWBIRD said...

The Spring Forward socks are gorgeous and luv the color. I hope you and yours had a happy 4th!