Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zigzagging along

It took a while but I finally finished this Zigzag scarf. But not as long as I thought. I started it around January 7 of this year. I thought I had started it sometime before last Christmas. But in any event, it's done.

I used approximately two skeins of Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted, one each of Butterfly Blue and Limestone. I ran out of yarn before the scarf was long enough so I had to order some more.
I got it at Velona since none of the shops that are closer to me carry this yarn. Or at least none that I could find.

I used a stitch pattern from Scarf Style that is in the design notebook at the back of the book. It's really easy and is ideal for using some self-striping yarn. I've done that several times. I've also used the pattern for teaching new knitters about increases and decreases. I'll probably cast on another one sometime soon.


Monika said...

I like this scarf and it's colores very much. I made one with this stitch pattern, and thought it was an enjoyable knit.

Janice Rosema said...

Oh-h-h, ah-h-h, Larry, this is really nice. I love the subtle colors and the pattern. Great job, as always!

Fay Lynn said...

I love the way this turned out. Very pretty!!

Bess said...

That stitch looks like it would make a great sock cuff too.