Friday, April 04, 2008

The week that was

Does anyone remember a TV program called "This is the week that was?" Or something like that. I can't remember if it was a serious news program or a comedy. But anyway, here's a recap of mine.

My knitting muse has recommended that in addition to the elbow wrap I should use ice packs and take aspirin. The wrap seems to help some. At least I don't have as many pains when I move my arm. So, since she's a lot more familiar with these kinds of pains than I am, I will be adding those to my list of things I can do to help.

I finished my income taxes. The upside of not making very much money is that I didn't owe anything plus I get a complete refund of the little bit that I had paid in state taxes. Enough for a couple of skeins of sock yarn. There was a glitch in the tax program that I was using and at first I thought I was going to owe a lot. But I found the problem and everything worked out okay. I really need to get more organized so I don't have to spend so much time sorting paper every year. But I don't imagine that I will.

The entrelac scarf is progressing. I have about two and a half skeins to go and I'll be done. I took the jacket to show off last night and everyone said how great it was. What else could they say? "That's the ugliest thing I ever saw!" But I do think they really liked it.

I keep finding yarn that I had forgotten. Yesterday I came across twenty skeins of Classic Elite Tweedy Lamb. I think I got that to make the cat sweater that was in Vogue Knitting a few years ago. Do you know the one? The one with the big cat head on the front? Anyway, that's what I'm going to use it for, if I can find the pattern.

And now it's time to get ready to go to work. I wonder what will happen today.


Monika said...

I mostly ignore the pain, wether it's in my fingers, wrists or ellbows (rarely). At least you find yarn in reasonable amounts, not like I have a single ball of yarn here and a couple of the same there.

Anonymous said...

Re the show, I think I do have some recollection... was that the one where Tom Lehrer sometimes performed? "National Brotherhood Week", and suchlike?

Missed seeing the jacket - loved the pictures!


lexa said...

Hope your elbow gets better fast. Glad that you find yarn in larger amounts, too. I'm like Monika and find little bits here and there.

Have a nice weekend. I have to work tonight and tomorrow. Right now it's snowing, but it's supposed to change to rain.

Bess said...

Are you sure it wasn't just the sign off of one of those Sunday political shows... "And This is the week that was.."?

anyway, one day I want to be the yarncheologist who gets to delve into your treasure of yarns. what fun to find 20 skeins of anything!!

Without a doubt though, rest that elbow. And exercise it but not by knitting -by stretching and moving it. I let something like that go and now I ahve a permenant knot in the tendon above my joint.

Anonymous said...

KnitDad, Ibuprofen is the best for your kind of pain, that is, if you take it with food and if your stomach will tolerate it! It will bring down the inflammation considerably; give it a try if it's feasible! P

Anonymous said...

Larry, That jacket IS stunning!! I loved it, I would be happy to wear it!! Are you saying you are going to make a sweater with a picture of a Cat's Head on the front??? Hmmmmm

diann said...

That Was The Week That Was - my Dad still remembers it rather wistfully. David Frost was the host, and for some reason it seems that Leslie Uggams did some of the little songs. Sort of a more newsy Laugh-In...

Sharon said...

TW3...a fabulous satire of current events. David Frost had the perfect dry wit delivery for it. Ah...Memory Lane....a pleasant place to stroll. :)