Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is this Monday?

The brown cable sweater is done. And it fits. Even the arms are long enough. I'm sending out to be cleaned and blocked before I take any photos of me actually wearing it. Besides, it's still very warm here.

I haven't checked but I know I started this sweater more than four years ago. And I'm really pleased that I decided to finish it. The arms are a bit tight but I think the blocking will take care of that. And the wool, Crystal Palace Country Wool, is pretty coarse and scratchy so I'll need to wear it over something with long sleeves. But I do like the way it looks, all tweedy and rustic.

Forgive the corny border. I couldn't resist.

I've been really busy, or so it seems. After all the excitement of last week's yarn swap and the yarn/yard sale on the weekend, and finishing the finishing of the brown sweater, and a tailgate yarn swap with wine, and then working. Well, it's just too much to keep track. And to further confuse the issue, my daughter came to visit last night. Generally she comes on Sunday but she has some other obligation that's getting in the way so she came over last night. Therefore, I feel like today is Monday and I should be thinking about getting ready to go to A Stitch in Time. But I'm not. Instead I'm getting ready to go for a walk.


Monika said...

I love all rustic looking things and your pullover looks like a winner to me. Looking forward to pictures of you wearing it.

mary said...

Gorgeous sweater! Sounds like it was a busy but verrrrry good yarny weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great looking sweater, you! I thought of you this morning before I went on my walk... isn't it great to be a role model?


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is LOVELY!
Good for you,
finishing it!
Enjoy wearing the brownie
in good health!

Bess said...

Gasp! Oh Larry! When the photo opened up on my screen I really did catch my breath. I had to check to see I wasn't on a Lands End page or L. L. Bean! What a Beauty!!

congratulations and I do do do want you to give us a shot of you wearing it.

Scattered Gemini said...

Oooh, i can't wait for fashion show pics on this one!

lexa said...

The sweater looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the blocked pics of it.