Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well, drat!

Here I was, all set to take some pics and post them. I can't find any batteries around here. I had some rechargeable ones but they're not in my old camera, or the newer one. I wonder what I did with them.

So, today, in addition to going to get gift wrapping stuff, I have to buy batteries. Anyway, I'm virtually done with my holiday knitting. I've sent a few greeting cards and consumed way too many cookies and candies. And there's still a week to go.

It's a rainy weekend here in Pasadena, CA. Shoppers are going to be cranky. I know I am.

If I can get out and back early enough I'll still be able to take some pics. Not much to show really. Mostly I'm still trying to reacquaint myself with Blogger.

Also, thanks to everyone who welcomed me back to the blog world.


lexa said...

We've got Christmas mints and a great big can of Danish butter cookies here at work. I'm not into the mints, but I've made a few too many trips to the cookie tin, lol!

Laikabear said...

Welcome back! Hey, I have moved my blog (and it's not really about knitting anymore) over to You might want to try it. Tumblr is A LOT easier to use than blogger. (and also free). Anyway, I'll be reading either way. :)

Christine said...


Glad to see you back blogging. I've missed you! So, is the obsession with grey a subtle comment on life, or just an appreciation of an oft overlooked color?

Christine said...

Larry, what a pleasant surprise! I'd given up on seeing you in blog form. Like the look of your "new" blog and am happy you're back! Christine/Unraveled