Saturday, November 08, 2008

The yarn yard sale is Nov 15, next Saturday

I've been going through boxes and boxes of yarn. So far I have nine large, really large, bags of yarn that I've priced as low as I possibly can. I really need to reduce my stash. I'll still have an unrealistic amount of yarn left that isn't going to the yarn yard sale. Not this time anyway.

It's been a tough week as I've had some kind of virus/cold thing going on that has left me feeling too weak and sleepy to get as much done as I wanted to. Some boxes haven't even been opened. I still have a few days though before the sale so I'll probably get a few more bags full to take with me.

If you're interested in going to the sale, leave me a comment or email me and I'll send you the information. I haven't seen everything that others are contributing but I bet there's something you'll like. I just hope I don't come home with more stuff than I went with.


Anonymous said...

I'll certainly be there...


Christine said...

Feel better soon! What time does the sale start and where?

Janice Rosema said...

Let me know where and when the sale starts on Saturday!

Feel better!