Monday, November 24, 2008

It's that time again, again.

I know it's been a while. My excuse is that I've had the worst cold I've ever had. Three weeks and still feeling the effects.

I haven't done very much knitting. A few small projects for holiday gifts. Fortunately I have some things that I knit earlier in the year to round out my gift stash.

We did have our yarn yard sale though. And I think it was pretty successful, even if we did have yarn left over. We're planning another one for late winter or early spring. There are still five boxes in my yarn room that I never got to go through. Too weak and bleary eyed. So I know I'll have some new stuff when we have our next sale.

And speaking of sales, it's time for A Stitch in Time's semi-annual yarn and needlepoint sale. Thirty five percent off knitting yarns, needlepoint canvases and knitting books. The sale officially starts on Dec. 1, but I think we'd be able to flex a little on that date and start with the discount the day after Thanksgiving. As usual, the sale price only applies to in-stock items. And no returns.

The mailing hasn't gone out yet so you're among the first to know.


lexa said...

Hope the remnants of your cold pass very soon!

Sharon said...

I had a cold a month ago, and thought it was all over. But now I have stuffed-up ears. And a constantly runny nose. I worry that it is settling in for the winter. So take care, these bugs are tenacious.

Anonymous said...


Hope you're feeling better - we had the same cold here, in a milder form, and then Tim got it and has been laid up as long as you have - complete with fevers, congestion, ear infections, etc. Take care of yourself and get better - chicken soup! (And Nyquil to help you sleep!)

Sorry to miss the sale - D.'s 11th b-day party (with exactly one other girl) somehow, along with work, consumed the entire day. I was bummed so I'm glad there will be another one...

Take care of yourself, please,