Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What happened to my post

I have no idea what caused this but the first post I wrote yesterday ended up on my other blog, Knitting New Scarves. That's a group blog. When I went to Blogger's dashboard my post was listed on my Knitdad blog. A little later it was gone. But I did get a nice email/comment from the author of Knitting New Scarves, Lynn Barr, that my post had shown up over there.

She also asked what it was like to knit with unraveled yarn. It was a bit off-putting at first. But I got used to it and let the yarn just behave however it wanted to. So some areas have a more pronounced texture than others. If you've ever worked with Cascade Fixation you'll have some idea of what it's like. The tension is irregular and it's tempting to pull the yarn too tightly. I haven't washed the new socks yet but I've been assured that once they're washed the uneven stitches will settle down and the surface will be consistent.


Lynne Barr said...

Thanks Larry. After you wash the socks will you post about them again and mention whether or not the stitches did even out?
If you liked Fixation, you might like to try Soxx Appeal which also has some sproing from elastic as well. It’s lighter weight, 208yds/50g as compared to Fixation with 100yds/50g, so they knit a nice weight sock.

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