Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another scarf

It isn't much but it's something. I've been busy. Lots of running around and taking care of stuff. I'm still working on the Vine Leaf Lace vest. The back and about a quarter of the fronts are done.

I've also been cleaning up some of my started-but-never-finished projects. Just ripped them and returned the yarn to stash. I still have a stack to go through and decide what to do.

About the scarf. It's another Forsa Scarf from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number Two. This is the third time I've made it. I used Noro Kureyon color 88. I have lots of this color way left. It's not my favorite, too intense, but it was on sale for $3.00 a ball. I still need to wash and block the finished piece but I won't need to do that until closer to the holidays.


rick said...

This looks great! Stunning color selection!

Monika said...

I like this colorway, and the scarf you made with it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, Larry. I like everything you've been working on lately! If I'm lucky, I'll see you at Unraveled on Saturday!


sue said...

The scarf looks great.

TheBunny said...

I love that color and it would look spiffy on me (red head). Wanna trade some Noro colorways?