Sunday, March 06, 2011

Extreme Novelty

What we used to call novelty yarns are now referred to as fashion yarns. Well, I don't see how you could call this yarn anything but novelty. It's about as playful as any yarn I've ever seen. From Pagewood Farms U-Knitted Nations, it's called Giant Purls.

Here it is in the skein.

And here it is in a ball. Wound by hand, very carefully. This is pretty close to the actual color of the yarn.

And a close up.

This was an easy Sunday afternoon knit. Maybe a couple of hours once I got it into a ball.

Trust me. I've already heard all the witticisms about knitting with balls.


Monika said...

Hehe, I've not thought about THAT until I've read your last sentence. It's pretty yarn. I like the colorway.

stephen said...

It is quite a unique yarn, and wonderful colours. It does look as though it would be somewhat of a challenge to knit with. The scarf looks quite fashionable, and beautifully knitted.

knittingpatterns said...

Cool! It really is a unique kind of yarn. The design is also unique and fashionable...